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  A clean, fresh and beautiful driving environment can not only prolong the service life of the interior, but also relax the driving mood. Car maintenance is very important. Make a summary of your experience on vehicle interior maintenance.


  1. Seat


  The seat part of the general vehicle occupies most of the area in the vehicle, and it is also one of the parts that the owner has more contact with. When the seat is not very dirty, it is recommended to use a hairy brush with a strong suction vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt while brushing the seat surface.


  Leather seats are often used in cars, and their service life is also long. The leather should not be underestimated when it is maintained. Ordinary chemical cleaning agents are good. Don't use them casually. You should use alkaline cleaning agents, such as soapy water, and dry them with cotton paper towels after washing.


  For seats made of fabric, it is relatively simple to handle. It is recommended that the new car be maintained and cleaned when it is bought back, and it must be dried immediately so that there is no water mark inside. Usually use cleaning agents for cleaning and protection. If you accidentally drop colored liquids such as fruit juice or coffee, it is recommended that you wash them off in time to keep the car clean and tidy.



  2. Instrument panel

  汽车内部另外一个重要的部分便是每个坐车人都会直接面对的仪表盘了,它的清洁程度是人们乘坐检查汽车是否干净时所关注的主要部分了。稍微注意一下仪表板您就会发现,只用抹布和海绵能够清洁干净的部位很少,这些沟沟坎坎的地方需用“专用工具” 来清理。一般普通的汽车美容店都会有清理车辆内饰的工具销售,比如清理空调出气口专用的清洁条等。

  Another important part of the car interior is the dashboard that everyone will face directly. Its cleanliness is the main part that people pay attention to when checking whether the car is clean. If you pay a little attention to the dashboard, you will find that there are few parts that can be cleaned only with rags and sponges. These grooves and ridges need to be cleaned with "special tools". Generally, ordinary car beauty shops sell tools for cleaning the interior of vehicles, such as cleaning strips dedicated to cleaning the air outlet of air conditioners.



  In addition, most of the instrument panels are made of plastic materials. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays in the sun and ozone in the air, the plastic materials will be aged, brittle and cracked over a long time. In order to reduce the aging of these plastic parts, a layer of cleaning and protection wax can be coated on the instrument panel at ordinary times. Water wax can prolong the service life of plastic materials.


  3. Vehicle carpet


  What is easy to get dirty inside the car is the carpet, and the carpet is also the owner's facade.


  The car's own carpets are basically integrated with the car, which is not easy to remove and clean, so it's usually good to place movable footmats in the car. If the footrest is dirty, just take it out of the car and pat or wash it.


  The floor glue installed on ordinary vehicles can also keep the interior floor of the vehicle clean, but as for whether the installation of floor glue has an impact on the taste of vehicle land preparation, different people have different opinions.


  4. Vehicle roof


  After long-term use, the car roof often accumulates a lot of dust in inconspicuous places, which are often beyond the care of daily cleaning.


  The cleaning method of the roof is usually to clean a large area with a high-power vacuum cleaner and brush, then focus on cleaning the dirt concentration place with neutral detergent, and then clean it in many aspects. However, it must be noted that the filler in the roof is a heat-insulating and sound-absorbing material with strong water absorption capacity. The rag must be dry when cleaning, otherwise it is difficult to dry the roof material if the wet rag soaks it.


  5. Other interior decoration


  The steering wheel, transmission, brake and other parts in the car can be sucked clean with a small toothbrush or a rag stained with interior cleaner liquid, and then the glass coating product can be sprayed on the windshield to prevent fogging of the driving window in rainy and snowy days or winter.

地址:山东省济南市全福立交桥东100米路北(工业北路301号)通运汽配城3排15、16号 4排15、16号)