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During daily use of vehicles, it is necessary to actively inspect and maintain them, in order to promptly identify and eliminate hidden faults in the early stages, take preventive measures, and maintain the vehicle in good operating condition. And with the sudden drop in winter temperatures, it is very important to take care of your car in advance. Below, Jinan Volkswagen maintenance personnel will talk about the precautions for using your car in winter!
1、 Heating system
The normal operation of the heating system is undoubtedly very important for winter. In order to ensure the comfort of driving after winter, it is necessary to go to a professional 4S store to conduct a systematic inspection of the fan operation and unobstructed air ducts of your car's heating system before winter. To prevent situations such as long-term non flow of antifreeze in heating water pipes, condensation, and blockage of circulation pipelines.
2、 Cooling system
Cooling system failures are the number one killer of engine failures, accounting for about 60% of the total number of engine failures! The use of antifreeze in winter can effectively curb the occurrence of freezing events in the cooling system. So when entering winter, it is necessary to check or replace the antifreeze in a timely manner, and it is particularly reminded to pay attention to the color of the antifreeze when replacing. Different colors cannot be mixed. In terms of the selection of antifreeze, the lower the freezing point, undoubtedly the stronger the antifreeze's frost resistance. At present, there are several specifications for antifreeze on the market, including -15 ℃, -25 ℃, -30 ℃, -40 ℃, etc. The chosen freezing point should be at least 10 ℃ lower than the low gas temperature in the region.
3、 Oil
The normal flow of oil is an important medium to ensure the normal operation of the engine. The viscosity and fluidity of engine oil will vary with changes in external temperature. When changing the engine oil in winter, it is important to choose a suitable engine oil product based on the ambient temperature. Improper oil can exacerbate the wear of the engine and mechanical components, affecting the service life of the vehicle.
4、 Battery system
Batteries are very sensitive to low temperatures, and the capacitance of batteries in low temperature environments is much lower than that at room temperature. Although current batteries are maintenance free, there is no need to replenish the electrolyte and adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. However, before the cold season arrives, the battery terminals should also be cleaned and protected with special grease to ensure reliable startup and extend the battery life.
5、 Air intake system
Entering the cold winter, it is very common for vehicles to be unable to start due to excessive carbon accumulation in the throttle and intake ducts. Excessive carbon accumulation on the throttle valve can easily cause ignition failure. In winter, due to the lower ambient temperature of the vehicle, gasoline volatilization is affected. Under the same installation conditions, gasoline ignition ability is relatively weak, and the engine may fail to ignite or require multiple ignition attempts. So when it's winter, clean the engine throttle and check the spark plugs to ensure the normal use of your car.
6、 Wiper system
In winter mornings, sometimes the car windows may frost due to fog, and sometimes the wipers may freeze on the glass. At this time, do not forcefully turn on the wipers. This not only damages the wipers, but also damages the glass. Also, do not directly rinse the glass with hot water, as this can easily cause the car windows to burst and the wipers to deform!
In addition, the usage of wiper and water spray systems in winter will significantly decrease, but it cannot be ignored. Especially in the northern regions. Similar to antifreeze, although it can be replaced with clean water and detergent in summer, these substitutes may freeze during winter, so they should not be used. In winter environments below zero degrees Celsius, antifreeze winter glass water should be replaced, or an appropriate proportion of alcohol should be added to the glass water to achieve the goal of reducing freezing point and frost resistance.
That's all for the 6 tips on winter car maintenance. If you have any doubts or needs, please feel free to visit our website at any time http://www.lutongqixiu.com Conduct consultation to understand!
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