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Generally speaking, the incidence of car malfunction problems will gradually increase with the increase of vehicle age and mileage. Jinan Mercedes Benz maintenance personnel have observed that data analysis shows that the occurrence rate of fault problems for vehicles under 3 years old is only 31.04%, while the occurrence rate of fault problems for vehicles between 6 and 10 years old will reach an average level, while the occurrence rate of fault problems for vehicles over 15 years old is as high as 180%. That is to say, as the age and mileage of the vehicle increase, vehicle maintenance is not just a simple routine maintenance item, but also requires regular replacement of some parts and consumables.
1. 1-4 years of car age: During adolescence, attention should be paid to replacing some easily worn parts in addition to normal maintenance.
The first two years of use of a car are the peak period of its life. As long as regular maintenance is carried out, there are basically no problems, but after more than two years, the vehicle needs to start replacing some easily worn parts.
Brake pads: After two to three years of use, the vehicle needs to be replaced with new brake pads as needed based on the mileage traveled, in order to ensure normal operation of the vehicle.
General car owners will also find that when you go for repairs or maintenance, you will also be checked for brake pad replacement, as it is the first line of defense for driving safety. Based on experience, under normal driving conditions, the brake pads will wear out in about two years, but the exact usage period depends on the driver's habits and driving frequency. If you are the type who likes to forcefully press the accelerator and brake, then the brake pads are replaced relatively frequently.
2. 4-7 years of vehicle age: in middle age, in addition to normal maintenance, it is necessary to replace the rubber and other aging parts in the vehicle.
Vehicles over 4 years old, for example, are like 'middle-aged people', and many components will become loose, especially after long-distance high-speed bumps. In addition, due to the natural aging of various rubber pipes in the car, many car owners often start changing cars at the age of four or five. Some second-hand car buyers also prefer to buy vehicles of this age because the price is much cheaper than new cars. For a vehicle that has reached the middle age, in addition to regular maintenance, attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair of the following components:
Timing belt: Cars that have been driving for about four years should pay attention to whether the timing belt needs to be replaced. Generally, cars should be sent to replace the timing belt after driving 70000 to 100000 kilometers. If it is not replaced in a timely manner, if the timing belt suddenly breaks halfway through, it will be difficult to handle.
Rubber tube: If vehicles within this age group are not properly maintained, problems such as black oil and water leakage are very likely to occur. Due to the natural aging and aging of rubber pipes, they may occasionally malfunction. If the car owner maintains the car well, the issue of aging will appear later, which is equivalent to saving a certain amount of money.
Water tank: For vehicles around five years old, the water tank may be corroded by chemicals inside, so some cars' water tanks start to leak. Of course, the water tank needs to be replaced. It seems that BMW's water tank would be good if used for five years.
3. 7-10 years of vehicle age: In old age, in addition to replacing vulnerable and aging parts again, it is also necessary to repair and maintain core components such as the gearbox.
Due to the limited lifespan of cars, in China, cars usually retire in 10 years. If properly maintained, a loved one can still complete their mission in a healthy and timely manner. But after 7 years, the car gradually enters its old age. At this age, the small parts that were replaced in the third and fourth years should almost be replaced again, such as shock absorbers. In addition, most cars with automatic transmissions should also have their automatic transmissions repaired at this time.
Maintenance of automatic transmission: For car owners who use automatic transmission vehicles, the transmission structure of automatic transmission vehicles is relatively complex and precise. When driving an automatic transmission vehicle, in order to drive freely and maintain good condition during its lifespan, car owners must pay more attention and allow different gears to be used alternately. The maintenance that needs to be done must not be saved. This can extend the service life of the automatic transmission.
That's all for explaining the content related to car maintenance and repair. If you have any doubts or needs, please come to our website http://www.lutongqixiu.com Take a look!
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