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许多人只会开车不会保养,即便有所了解,也不会记住那么多,被他们一忽悠,也就信了。其实,一些零部件大可不必常更换,记住一些常见配件的保养里程(参配、询价) 和年份,便可以应对自如。下面济南奥迪汽车保养人员为您分析:
Many people only know how to drive without maintenance, and even if they have some understanding, they will not remember so much. When they deceive them, they will believe it. In fact, some components do not need to be replaced frequently. Remember the maintenance mileage (reference, inquiry) and year of some common accessories, and you can handle them freely. Below, Jinan Audi car maintenance personnel will analyze for you:
1、 Parts that need to be replaced within 3 years
Four filters: common periodic maintenance. (Replace every six months or every 5000-10000 kilometers.)
Brake pads: It is recommended to inspect them once every maintenance, and the inspection is free of charge. Whether to replace them depends on the wear condition. (30000 to 40000 kilometers or 2-3 years.)
Wiper blades: It's rainy in Guangzhou, and the wiper blades are used frequently. (1 year or 20000 kilometers, but if you feel it doesn't affect your visibility, you can still leave it unchanged.)
Within three years, it belongs to the new car period. The parts are new and the car condition is good. In the first three years of the new car, the vehicle factory also provides a full vehicle warranty, and the vehicle's performance is still at its peak. The maintenance within three years mainly includes replacing the four filters, checking the brake pads, changing the oil, checking the steering device, and other routine maintenance. At most, replace the wiper blades, and don't worry about the rest. Any additional replacement items suggested by the 4S store can be rejected. Within three years, if there is a major overhaul, it is either due to poor operating conditions or serious hidden dangers in the vehicle itself.
2、 Parts that need to be replaced within 3-7 years
Battery: It is recommended to replace it proactively to avoid sudden failure. (The original factory has a longer service life of 3-4 years; after replacement, it is between 2-3 years.)
Spark plug: (60000~80000 km or 3-4 years)
Brake fluid: (usually within 60000~70000 kilometers or 3-4 years)
Timing system: Some are maintenance free, while others require inspection and replacement. (70000-100000 kilometers or 4-5 years.)
Rubber tube: Rubber has a lifespan and will age over time, leading to oil leakage. (60000 to 100000 kilometers or 4-5 years.)
Antifreeze: For vehicles around five years old, the anti-corrosion and rust removal functions of antifreeze will gradually weaken. (80000-120000 kilometers or 5-7 years.)
Over three years, vehicle performance gradually declines. If it's a hassle, it's better to replace it with a new car. Three years is a barrier, within three years a used car will have one price, and after three years it will have another price. If unwilling to replace, in addition to regular maintenance, the above inspection items should also be added.
3、 Parts that need to be replaced after 7 years
Water tank and engine cooling system: Over time, there may be scale in the water tank and engine waterways, leading to excessive water temperature. (7-10 years or 100000 to 120000 kilometers)
Automatic transmission, electronic throttle: (7-10 years or 100000 kilometers)
Clutch assembly: includes the clutch pressure plate, clutch driven plate, and release bearing. (9-11 years, 120000-150000 kilometers need to be replaced)
Currently, China does not set a retirement period for passenger cars. As long as they pass the annual review, they can continue to be used on the road. However, the frequency of annual reviews will continue to increase. After 7 years, the annual review will be conducted once a year, and for any longer period of time, it will be conducted once every six months. For over 7 years, it can be considered an old car.
During this period, maintenance is secondary, and inspection and repair will become the main task. But don't worry too much, as long as you have good usage habits, there won't be too many malfunctions. To be safe, return to the factory for inspection every six months. In this age group, if components need to be replaced, the unit price will not be low, and psychological preparation is necessary. For more related matters, come to our website http://www.lutongqixiu.com Consult!

地址:山东省济南市全福立交桥东100米路北(工业北路301号)通运汽配城3排15、16号 4排15、16号)


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